Friday, July 30, 2010

I am usually not talking the "political" talk, but I am speaking out strongly about this one! If you are one who takes dietary supplements or chose herbal remedies instead of chemical ones, then this will interest you. Senate Bill S.3002 was an attempt to pull all dietary supplements off the shelves of our health food stores. Please write to your representatives and voice all you can about this or any other right that may be taken away from us as American citizens. On top of all that, most health food stores are small local business. So please support them as often as you can. Go to for more information.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Vision for the Day

Believe and it will be! My dreams were filled with lots of my handmade treasures being sold. Mainly because I listed some new pieces last night just before bed, but low and behold....I awoke to sales. I am always humbled by my visions and the gifts I have been given and today is no different! Thanks to all of my fans, family and friends who support me every day. You guys are AWESOME.

"Believe in Pink and Brown" memory wire necklace now available in my Etsy store.


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