Saturday, February 19, 2011

Denice's Life Visions: Hot Off the Easel!

Denice's Life Visions: Hot Off the Easel!: "My journey this week leads me back to my easel to finish 2 more paintings! I am longing to paint more than my schedule allows right now, so ..."

Hot Off the Easel!

My journey this week leads me back to my easel to finish 2 more paintings! I am longing to paint more than my schedule allows right now, so some suppression is happening. I remember that an explosion follows soon after, so I expect to need the larger canvases again - ha!


"Winter Whispers", 8"x20", mixed media on canvas. Available HERE.

She is a continuation of my series based on the seasons. She has minimal color, which is so unlike me! I am enjoying working in this style in conjunction with my abstract contemporary pieces. It keeps me loose and feeling free - ha!

Below is the second piece freshly painted and still drying at the easel.
"Visionary" or "The Visionary", a 6"x6" work in progress. I am keeping as WIP for now because I am not sure that I can resist pulling a few things out of this one. I see so much within the paint. The bright yellow light is the visionary who has come to spread the message. He or She is met with mixed emotion and bit of chaos.

I will repost this piece and let you know when it is available. Let me know what you see by leaving me a comment below. I love getting the viewers interpretation. Afterall, you are seeing my vision for the first time here!

On with the journey....Denice

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hot Off the Easel February!

Presenting 2 new paintings "Hot Off the Easel" for February!

The first is "Summer Breeze" and is now available online. Buy Now

She is part of a series based on the seasons. Her strawberry blonde hair reaches out blowing in the wind warming up her surroundings. A flower blooms symbolizing new life and growth.
The second piece is "I Will Guide You" and is part of my ongoing modern contemporary "Life Visions" series. It is small but still just as powerful as its larger sister paintings. It is available online. Buy Now

If you are interested in ordering these pieces, you may do so by clicking the "Buy Now" button at the link above and following the online instructions, remember that you do not have to have a paypal account to buy through my paypal system. You also have the option of contacting me directly by clicking the "Contact the Artist" button on the main page and just fill out the form provided.

Thanks so much for all your continued support. Look for more previews to come. I am working on lots of new paintings and have sketches for many more!! So keep checking back in as well.

Aesthetical Climate

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let Art Fill Your Heart 2011

Since you have shared so much love with me for my art and all of my endeavors over the past few years, I am sending some love back! For those who are on my mailing list, you can be watching for this year's Valentine featuring a special design created just for you. If you are not on my mailing list and want to be, just sign up NOW by clicking this link: Aesthetical Climate Email Newsletter.  You can also send me a message by clicking: Contact the Artist.
 Be sure you send me your mailing address or I will contact you by email message asking for it. (I will only ask for your address if you express to me that you would like to be placed on my my mailing list. Don't worry, your information is always kept confidential!)

I have some exciting news for local fans and collectors! You can now find my fine art collection of handmade original jewelry, fine art prints, original canvas paintings and fine art greeting cards at J J Jax Gift Boutique! You can click the link and sign up for their Eblast Newsletter for all the current updates and new merchandise available. I am so very blessed to have known the owner, Jenny Jackson-Spurlock, for many years now. She is such a wonderful, beautiful person inside and out. What a wonderful temporary home for my artwork! I say "temporary" because it is only until another wonderful, beautiful person purchases it and takes it to a "permanent" home - lol! I so hope you will visit Jenny often and let her and all of her gracious staff know that you were invited by the artist!

As always, thanks for all of your support and prayers. You make all of this possible. With the help of God my Life Visions will continue and develop as he sees the need for them to.

Creating more visions.....XOXO Denice


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