Monday, August 23, 2010

My Life Visions Creative Brain

My "Creative Brain" will not rest. I am humbled by my vision.

I have a never ending urge to create. I do not sleep most nights because my mind is filled with images, visions if you will, of all the new ideas and endless possibilities of combining materials, words, whatever! I have always been driven to create or to be creative. Several years ago I had to suppress this urge for a long period of time. While attending college and working part-time, I found that being creative was unacceptable in most job formats. Especially in the corporate environment. Once I started working full-time, my creativity had to take a back seat even more often. Before I knew it I was getting through day-to-day life and surviving but not living. I fell into the "rat race" as I began to call it. Even when I came to work for a corporate ad agency, my creativity was still stifled Well, no more! Once I left the corporate world behind, I began to live and create like there was no tomorrow.

I have grown so very much over the past few years in all aspects of my life. I look forward to getting into my studio and getting the paint onto that canvas in anticipation. What vision will appear this time? What am I going to get to share and what is the message that will come from this piece? As God continues to guide me, I am so humbled by what he shows me everyday. My life is filled with divine derivatives and I have become a prayer warrior for all that is needed. I hope you will join me on this awesome journey and that you will gain a life changing experience as well!

Stay tuned for the next Life Vision....

Friday, August 13, 2010

Blind Blogging!

What is "blind blogging" you ask? Me typing without my contacts? True and scary, but not where I'm headed with this. Actually, it is a term I have come up with to describe someone who blogs under the following conditions:
1. You know when you have a lot on your mind? and...
2. You know you need to get a blog out to inform your fans and followers...and...
3. Your thoughts seem all fuzzy, blurry and unclear as if you were in some sort of daze....and....
4. Yet you decide to type something and send it out anyway!

I do NOT want to be a blind blogger! I am finding my focus once again this year and will share all I can. But if you don't hear from me regularly, don't worry, it just means I'm either busy getting you more stuff to look at, to buy, or to really read about.

I also have another term I have come up with, or really maybe it could be called a "label": Creative Brain!

I will discuss this next time :~p

Remember it's all about the life visions here! Can't wait to share my latest visions with you...


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