Monday, August 23, 2010

My Life Visions Creative Brain

My "Creative Brain" will not rest. I am humbled by my vision.

I have a never ending urge to create. I do not sleep most nights because my mind is filled with images, visions if you will, of all the new ideas and endless possibilities of combining materials, words, whatever! I have always been driven to create or to be creative. Several years ago I had to suppress this urge for a long period of time. While attending college and working part-time, I found that being creative was unacceptable in most job formats. Especially in the corporate environment. Once I started working full-time, my creativity had to take a back seat even more often. Before I knew it I was getting through day-to-day life and surviving but not living. I fell into the "rat race" as I began to call it. Even when I came to work for a corporate ad agency, my creativity was still stifled Well, no more! Once I left the corporate world behind, I began to live and create like there was no tomorrow.

I have grown so very much over the past few years in all aspects of my life. I look forward to getting into my studio and getting the paint onto that canvas in anticipation. What vision will appear this time? What am I going to get to share and what is the message that will come from this piece? As God continues to guide me, I am so humbled by what he shows me everyday. My life is filled with divine derivatives and I have become a prayer warrior for all that is needed. I hope you will join me on this awesome journey and that you will gain a life changing experience as well!

Stay tuned for the next Life Vision....

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