Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hot Off the Easel!

My journey this week leads me back to my easel to finish 2 more paintings! I am longing to paint more than my schedule allows right now, so some suppression is happening. I remember that an explosion follows soon after, so I expect to need the larger canvases again - ha!


"Winter Whispers", 8"x20", mixed media on canvas. Available HERE.

She is a continuation of my series based on the seasons. She has minimal color, which is so unlike me! I am enjoying working in this style in conjunction with my abstract contemporary pieces. It keeps me loose and feeling free - ha!

Below is the second piece freshly painted and still drying at the easel.
"Visionary" or "The Visionary", a 6"x6" work in progress. I am keeping as WIP for now because I am not sure that I can resist pulling a few things out of this one. I see so much within the paint. The bright yellow light is the visionary who has come to spread the message. He or She is met with mixed emotion and bit of chaos.

I will repost this piece and let you know when it is available. Let me know what you see by leaving me a comment below. I love getting the viewers interpretation. Afterall, you are seeing my vision for the first time here!

On with the journey....Denice

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