Friday, September 24, 2010

Do You Know What Your "Real" Job Is?

Detail from "Savior" 20"x60" Acrylic on canvas "Life Visions" series
 You may think you know what your "job" is. You have a talent, a drive, a goal. Somehow you find yourself talking to people, advising them, comforting them. People of all ages come up to you and ask your advice or give you advice. Are these people you come across an accident?

Ever since I was able to talk, I was telling everyone that I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. At age one I remember drawing circles on paper over and over and over. I was trying to draw a free handed "perfect" circle. I did my first painting at age three. It was a paint by number that my grandmother bought me. (I still have it, by the way.) In the years to come, I just knew in my heart that all I really cared about was drawing, painting and writing.

When I entered into public school, I was lucky enough to have some wonderful teachers who recognized a potential within me. I remember them pulling me aside and asking me to perform tasks that I would complete with excitement and eagerness. I knew they were treating me differently than the other children, but at the time I did not know why. Close to the end of the year, they gave my parents the news. They had been "testing" me and they had me diagnosed as "gifted". Well I didn't know what that meant, but anything with the word "gift" in it MUST be GOOD! (Remember I was five!) I carried this label around with me all throughout my school age years.

My parents moved us yearly after that. My father would get a promotion and then guess what? Time to move again. I experienced all kinds of culture and environments along the way. I am so thankful for this now, but at the time it was annoying to a school age child. Especially a shy "gifted" one!

There has always been a common denominator in my life. God. My faith has blossomed and is now thriving within me. Here comes my "new" job! I have always felt in my heart a need to help others. A need to take care of others. I could NEVER be a nurse, bless them and all they do, because I "feel" everyone's pain and get weak from it. (Never mind the blood and junk...eek!) I studied to be a psychologist when I first entered college level education. Well, then I studied to be a teacher. Oh and then I studied to be a journalist. And there was this time I studied to be a graphic designer. Finally, I got my Fine Art degree. Whew!! Glad that's over...

I now know that....I AM NOT IN CONTROL! No, not really. It is hard believe, I know. It has been a journey for me to realize my new job. I accept it with an opened mind. I am still an artist, but one who is on a mission! It is my job to share my experiences and knowledge. To take all this research and education and help all who need it and who will listen (or read) what I have to say.

So the answer to the question, "Are the people you come across in your life an accident?" is...NO. Absolutely not! They have all been placed in your life at times you have needed them.
"I believe if you are truly awake, and open minded, you will see It. It may look different to each one, but It will remain the same to all. It is constant and bright. It is nudging not forceful. It is up to you to take the gift."
~ Denice Taylor Rinks

I am a "Gifted Artist on a Spiritual Journey". (Book coming out soon!) My "Life Visions" are meant to heal, help and educate others as God will have me do.

Peace be with you....Denice

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