Friday, April 22, 2011

Hot Off the Easel for April

Finishing up several paintings this week. This particular piece is from an ongoing series celebrating the arts with art! Most don't know that music was a predominant outlet for my creativity in my early years. It is true. At age 3, I pounded out what I now know as the beginning of a Mozart Piano Sonata. I had NEVER heard it before and didn't even know what classical music was yet. My parents were blasting out Fleetwood Mac, Eagles and Bob Seger on their stereo at that time. They had no clue either - lol! I did not know what this "little ditty" was until I actually heard Mozart in my early college days. My mouth dropped to the floor when I realized it myself.

I grew up drawing, writing and singing my way through life. One thing was for sure, art still pulled harder on my heart and soul. I still LOVE music and I have passed it on to my son who has a true talent for it. Maybe he can make some since out of all of this some day. Ha! No pressure...

Presenting, "Music Mania", 20"x30", mixed media!

My favorite part is the blue violin! I also can't help but see so much more depth down into the piece. Do you see it? Lots of little creative spirits live within these areas of the piece. I always see faces looking out at me as if to say, "Here I am, can you see me too!" More life visions to paint!

I never get tired of seeing what new visions show up each time. It is just as exciting and surprising to me as it is you, the viewer!

Enjoy! Happy Easter, Earth Day and Peace and Wisdom be with you. God Bless ~ Denice

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