Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot Off the Easel Arts Advocate

A good way to get your artwork out into the world and become an arts advocate is to DONATE some of your pieces! Yes, you read it right. Not only are you promoting a good cause, but you are self-promoting as well. You want to showcase your work in a format that best suites your style. In my case, my son is musically gifted and also loves and appreciates art, probably because I am an artist. Anyhow, I decided to combine the two talents and create a series called "Celebrating the Arts". I wanted to help out the music school where my son studies and now I am adding his elementary school to that list. I am donating pieces there in honor of his music teacher/choral director, the principal and the school art gallery. I wanted each venue to have pieces that inspire the students there, to promote both music and art, and to make sure there were art on the walls appropriate to its purpose and intent - to teach and educate through the arts.

My latest pieces "Hot Off the Easel" include:

"Music Mania", 24"x30", mixed media.

"Violin Solo", 20"x20", mixed media

"Paint Me a Melody", 24"x24", mixed media

1 comment:

  1. The work is so beautiful. You're right it will inspire students, along with getting your name out.



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