Thursday, August 9, 2012

Together We Will Ascend

"Together We Will Ascend" Acrylic on canvas  36"x36"
How has your summer been? I ask only because my summer is officially over and has been for about two weeks. I gauge that on school starting back here and also my return to the studio after a much needed break.

I have a lot of exciting new things to share! The painting above, which was my last "Hot Off the Easel" piece, has a title. "Together We Will Ascend". Please go and "Like" it and share it and even buy it if you wish!

My website has new features that I am VERY excited about! When you visit my Artwork Collections and open a piece to look at it, you can now "Like" or "Send" it to share it. I would appreciate all the love you can give. This helps me monitor which style is most popular and also see how many of you are actually getting to see my artwork.

Do I have new artwork and jewelry in the works you may ask? Of course I do! I am working on a new mixed media jewelry collection. These pieces are hand painted with added metals, paper, beads, stones, and much more! I think they are some of my favorite treasures yet. If you are following me then you have gotten a preview already!

Here are a couple of them I did as a tribute to the London Summer Olympics: 

"Olympic US Brit" Buy here

"Olympic Tribute" Buy here

As soon as I get all of the photos edited, I will update you with more available items. Locals please don't forget to go shop for my new jewelry at J.J. Jax Gift Shop. Follow me on Facebook to find out when it will be available.

New visions means new paintings as well! I am being guided to use my gifts to create a new series. I have been working on this series for the past 2 years. There are sketches and plans and even a name. I will reveal it only when I feel the time is right. Please pray for me to create and use my gifts as God wants me too.

Off to create more Life Visions . . .


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