Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Tiny Artist's Painting Vision

"I am one tiny artist. The kind of artist who paints quietly and humbly. Afraid of everything as it relates to the world. Afraid of nothing within my soul where the spirit lives wanting to soar and shine. I am encouraged, beaten down, scarred and hopeful. My faith brings me here. Here is where He wants me to be. To show you what He shows me."  ~ Denice

The Transformation Begins!

I lay paint down onto the canvas. My sponge is coated with whatever color is down on my palette, wet and thick like rainbow butter. I am one tiny artist standing at my easel trying to ignore the white canvas that stares back at me. If I look at it and think about it too much, I will be overwhelmed with all the ideas and possibilities that toss and turn in my mind constantly. "I am not in control!" I frantically mash, brush, squeeze paint from the sponge to the canvas. I cover it rather quickly with strokes going in all directions and in all motion. Now I'm done? Not really. Once the white is gone, now comes the "magic" or "miracle" of it all for me to see. For YOU to see!

Stage One Painting One: Untitled for now, 20"x60", 1 of 3 for triptych  

This is how it looks when I have the under painting done. As it is drying, I step back and sometimes walk away. I begin to see images appearing within the brushstrokes, light and dark tones, etc. Now comes Stage Two . . .

Still to come: Images and videos from the studio. I will show you more of how I paint. My easel, placement of canvas, palette and so much more! I hope you enjoy the transformation as it unfolds for this new series.


To view my portfolio and other completed series just go to my website: Aesthetical Climate
Thanks for all your support and interest in my artwork.


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    1. Thanks Jennifer! I am very excited about this. Thanks for all your support. It really means alot!



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