Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Tiny Artist's Painting Vision Part 2

I see myself as this tiny thread in the whole big scheme of things. A thread that is crucial because I know God has given me a purpose. This purpose drives me to paint, think, write, create and loose my mind sometimes! I hope that no matter how tiny I feel, I can get across the message anyway. You see, I'm shy and vulnerable here showing all that I do. I am more comfortable in the corner painting quietly and not bothering you. My nudges are strong and they drive me to share anyway. So please know that I am not ever meaning to be boastful. I am being guided to show you what He shows me. How beautiful and wonderful it is!! It is so very awesome and I hope you can see it too! ~Denice

Stage One Painting Two: Untitled for now, 8"x20", 2 of 3 triptych
Stage One Painting Three: Untitled for now, 8"x20", 3 of 3 triptych

Here are the other 2 paintings that go along with the 20"x60" piece. This is how it looks when I have the under painting done. As it is drying, I step back and sometimes walk away. I begin to see images appearing within the brushstrokes, light and dark tones, etc. Now comes Stage Two . . . You can view all three paintings at Stage 1 on the website HERE.

Still to come: Images and videos from the studio. I will show you more of how I paint. My easel, placement of canvas, palette and so much more! I hope you enjoy the transformation as it unfolds for this new series.


To view my portfolio and other completed series just go to my website: Aesthetical Climate
Thanks for all your support and interest in my artwork.

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