Sunday, October 3, 2010

Longing To Comfort A Cry

It was bound to happen! I wake up one day with this beautiful little boy in my arms. How did this happen to me? I knew I always wanted children, but this world is so cruel and full of devastation. Why on earth would I want to bring another human being here?

As I look at his perfect little hands and watch him grasp my finger, I find myself totally in love. I am surrounded by nothing but bliss...and the sound of Playtex nipples boiling on the stove, the smell of dirty diapers coming from the diaper Genie, greasy hair, hairy legs, and yet, no one else exists at this moment. If you have children you know exactly what I mean. If you don't, please don't let this post scare you in any way! Motherhood is the most AWESOME thing I have EVER experienced. I did not say it wasn't scary, but just awesome in every way.

He is fussy and cries for what seems like no reason. I take my job very seriously even though I am on some massively strong pain medications to help me recover from such a difficult birth. Between you and me, I think the drugs were what got me through the first few weeks after delivery. I go down the "medical" checklist with him: you've been fed, changed, burped, and you have your pacifier. Then I go down the "instinctive" checklist with him: there are no tags in your pajamas, the room temp is fine, the television is down low, and I am holding you right up under my chin like you like. I decide there must be something new. I change his clothes and wipe him down with a cool cloth. Just the ticket! He nuzzles my neck and looks up at me with his HUGE round blue eyes (which he still has and he still does) and then he coos quietly and is comforted.

A mother's job is a hard one for a fairly "normal" baby (whatever that is, right?) but let alone a "highly sensitive" one! What a challenge and what a blessing all in one. I will be posting many blogs on this subject. I want to somehow use my experiences and research studies to help educate everyone who will read and listen!

Here goes....
He has always liked the feel of something on his head. He used to walk around with a cloth on top of his head.

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